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Monday, October 21, 2013 1 comments
Sukku malli kaapi (coffee) is an age old trusted way to relieve yourself from sore throat, cough, cold and nasal congestion. It also relives you off your headache. It has digestive properties and hence it is a great thing to have when you feel full and bloated. During those biting winter days, sip through a cup of this sukku coffee and you'll feel all invigorated and energized. 

Sukku coffee used to be a regular drink in households in the olden days but now it is losing its sheen among young people. 

Karupatti is used in the preparation of this sukku coffee and it is called as palm sugar or palm jaggery. Palm jaggery is very rich in iron content. In Indian grocery stores in countries outside India palm sugar is only available occasionally. There is the Bangladesh variety of this sugar called as Gur which is widely available. Gur is date palm jaggery. It tastes very similar to karupatti and can be substituted in the place of palm jaggery. If nothing available, you can also try making this sukku malli coffee with regular jaggery.

3 cups water
2 small lemon sized karupatti (palm sugar)
1/2 inch sukku (dry ginger) 
1 tbs coriander seeds
1 ts cumin seed (optional)
1 ts pepper powder (optional)


- Grind dry ginger and the coriander seeds together into a semi coarse powder.
- In a small saucepan add karupatti along with three cups of water. Boil till the palm sugar melts and everything becomes a thin liquid. 
- Use a tea strainer to strain away the impurities in the karupatti.
- Bring back the palm sugar liquid into the same saucepan.
- To the palm sugar liquid add the ground dry ginger and coriander seeds powder. Mix it well and give it a rolling boil.
- Then switch off flame, cover the saucepan and allow some time for the flavors to seep in well
- Then strain the liquid again.
- Serve it hot.
- This can be also be stored in a container in the refrigerator and can be reheated to have for later.

This is the basic version of sukku malli coffee. But there are various other concoctions that can be tried which is clearly explained in this video. I admire Revathy Sankaran for her encyclopedic knowledge and unbeatable vigor at such an age! And she can convincingly reach out to any audience, young or old with her subdued yet persuasive talk!


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