Karela (Bitter gourd/ Pavakkai ) chips

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This is one chips which I love the most. People who love the bitter taste of karela will enjoy this chips a lot. I particulary enjoy the fried karela seeds :) This chips complements well with dal rice and curd rice. 

I had bought few packets of Bhajji Bonda mix from my travel to India. Just the addition of this and the sambar powder to the karela made the cooking preparation process easier. If you dont have the mix handy then you can substitute it with besan flour and rice flour

1 packet of frozen karela packet (or 2-3 medium sized long karela)
3 ts sambar powder
3 tbs bhajji bonda mix (or 2 tbs gram flour + 1 tbs rice flour)
1/2 ts chilli powder (optional)
1 ts salt


(If your karela has a more bitter taste, put the karela slices in boiling tamarind water and switch off flame. Let it rest for a while until the water cools down. Then drain the water out, squeeze excess water from karela and use them for frying. This process takes away the bitterness from karela)

- Take out the karela from its packet and allow them to defrost on its own or use a microwave for quick defrost.
- After done squeeze out excess water from the karela by taking a few and pressing between palms of your hand. (The less moisture it has, the less oil it will absorb)
- Now add the sambar powder, bhajji bonda mix and chilli powder.
- Toss and mix them evenly without any water. The little moisture from karela will be enough to mix them up. If needed sprinkle few drops of water for even coating.
- Heat oil in a kadai on medium flame.
- Take a small batch of karela and disperse them gently in oil.
- Fry them until the sizzling of oil completely stops. If you prefer less crispy karela, then you can take them out beforehand. 
- Place the fried karela on a bowl lined with tissue paper and repeat the process for the rest of the karela. 


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