Badam | Almond chutney

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Badam chutney is my new found craze. I have been doing this chutney very often now and it is an excellent chutney for idli and dosa. The look and taste of this chutney is very similar to coconut chutney. In fact this chutney tastes even better than coconut chutney. So its a good alternative and variation to the usual coconut. 

For the preparation of this chutney, the almonds need to be blanched in hot water and its skin removed. You can either choose to blanch almonds in hot water for few minutes or even soak them overnight.

(Dry almonds contain an enzyme inhibitor in the skin which is basically meant to protect the seed till it gets moisture for germination. Once the almonds are soaked in water this enzyme inhibitor is released. It releases enzyme lipase which aids in the digestion of fats. Also eating pre soaked almonds makes them easier to digest and also makes more nutrients available for digestion. In fact, most nuts and seeds are easier to digest and have better nutrient availability when soaked overnight before consumption.)

Around 15 almonds
Small piece of ginger
2 tbs roasted gram
3 green chillies

To temper
1 ts mustard seed
1 red chilli
Few curry leaves


- Grind blanched almonds, ginger, roasted gram and the green chillies together with little water into a smooth paste. Take them out in a serving container.
- To the ground chutney add the hot tempering of mustard seed, red chillies and curry leaves.


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