Chicken masala (with roasted coconut)

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This is a simple, quick chicken curry with roasted coconut. The roasted coconut masala mentioned below gives an unbeatable and lovely taste to the chicken curry. This was the first chicken dish I made after this purattasi was over. After a month of abstinence from non-veg we indulged in this flavorful chicken curry with rasam rice. What amazing combination it was. My husband was all praises and enjoyed every bite of his favorite chicken. 

3 chicken drumsticks
Few curry leaves
Few coriander leaves

For roasted cococnut masala
3 tbs grated coconut
1 ts fennel seed
2 cloves
Few kalpaasi
1 ts kasa kasa
1 tbs oil

To grind together
1 small onion
1 large tomato
1/4 ts turmeric powder
3/4 ts chilli powder
2 ts coriander powder
Ground masala paste


- Heat a tbs of oil in a kadai on a medium flame. Once they turn little hot add all the masala mentioned except grated coconut. Fry until they leave out a nice aroma. Then add the grated coconut, mix well and continue frying everything in low flame until the coconut changes color a little. (But it shouldn't be browned. That spoils the taste of the masala)
- In a mixer add the roughly chopped onion, tomato, turmeric powder, chilli powder, coriander powder and the above fried masala. Grind everything to a smooth paste adding a little water.
- Heat some oil in a pressure cooker. Add curry leaves. Then add the ground paste and cook in high flame for a while. Then continue cooking the masala in low to medium flame until oil seperates from the masala.
- Add the chicken pieces, enough salt and a cup of water.
- Pressure cook for a whistle in high flame and for 2 whistles in simmer. 
- After pressure cooked, boil for a little more time (with the lid open) to thicken the gravy.
- Add coriander leaves.


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