Dosa Pizza !

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Yummylicious cheesy gooey pizza in a healthy dosa avatar. This is a healthy yummy treat to your family for weekend BF/ dinner.


Dosa batter

1. Choice of your Veges - thinly sliced onion, capsicum, mushroom, spinach, carrot, bean sprouts etc
Any leftover meat curry ( with its meat shredded into small pieces)
2. Store bought bolognese/ Any pizza sauce ( optional)
3. Well beaten egg ( 1 beaten egg can be used for 2 dosa pizza)
4. Enough low-fat grated cheese ( mozzarella/ cheddar/ Parmesan, or even mix of all)
5. Mixed Italian herbs
6. Chilli flakes/ pepper and salt as per need

I sometimes substitute rasam powder for chilli flakes and also use coriander leaves as a final topping.


- Oil your dosa girdle. Once hot, laddle out the dosa batter and spread out into a small thick base. Lower the flame to a minimum.

- Spread a little spoonful of pizza sauce all around.
- Scatter your choice of toppings - vegetable or meat.
- Sprinkle a small amount of chilli flakes/ a dash of pepper and salt.
- Spread a little of well beaten egg.
- Disperse in the grated cheese.
- Sprinkle few pinches of Italian herbs throughout.

- Now close the dosa with a lid and allow it to cook on the lowest flame till the dosa base becomes crip and cheese melts completely. Don't turn over.

- Serve it hot. It is yummy as it is or can be had with any sauce.


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