Paasi paruppu urundai | Moong dal laddu | Nei urundai

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Paasi paruppu urundai's are a very healthy treat for your family, full of proteins and iron.  They are also very flavourful and aromatic. To make them completely healthy, you can use nattu sakkarai/ jaggery instead of white sugar. Every Diwali, we used to get these goodies from Chettiar neighbours and loved it a lot. We have been wanting to try it for a long time, finally tried making it the first time for this Diwali and it came out awesome. 

1/2 kg Paasi paruppu
1/2 kg rava
1/2 kg sugar
1/4 - 1/2 kg ghee
5-6 cardamom pods
Handful of broken cashews

In cup measurements ( approximate)
1 cup Paasi paruppu (dry roasted)
1 cup rava ( dry roasted)
1 cup sugar ( powdered)
1/2-1 cup ghee (melted)
3 cardamom pods ( powdered along with sugar)
Handful of broken cashews ( roasted in ghee)


- Dry roast moong dal and rava seperately until it changes color a little and turns fragrant. After roasted you can combine them together in a plate and allow them to cool down. After cooled grind them smooth in a mixer. Seive them to separate the coarse particles from the fine. Grind the coarse particles again until smooth. Seive again and repeat the process until you get a fine smooth grounded flour.
- Powder the cardamom along with sugar in the mixer. Then mix them along with the ground flour.
- Roast broken cashew nuts in ghee. Add them also to the flour mixture. Give everything an even mix.
- Melt gheein low flame.
- Add the melted ghee in batches to the flour mixture. Mix a portion of the flour evenly with the ghee and quickly shape them into small balls. Add the rest of the ghee in batches and make balls out of the entire flour mixture.
(Adjust sugar and ghee as per need. Adding more ghee gives more glossy look to the laddoos. Add just the optimal amount of ghee required to give a firm shape to the laddoos. More ghee will give an improper shape and also takes extra time to dry out)
- Allow the balls to air dry for a minimum of 30 minutes up to an hour.
- Store them in air tight container. You may also refrigerate them.


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