Sourashtra thakkali avundi (thakkali kuzhambu)

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Thakkali avundi is a very famous Sourashtrian traditional curry, very much preferred with idli/ dosa. This is a darling curry among Sourashtrian masses.  It is prepared on most of the feasts, get togethers and even on auspicious/ important days of the year.  Thakkali avundi - phalar (idli) is a yummy
yummy combo. Sometimes coconut chutney is also prepared alongside when this curry is done.

6-8 shallots / 1 large sized onion ( sliced thin) (shallots give impeccable taste)
3 large sized tomato
Few curry leaves
4-5 ts kuzhambu podi
1 cup coconut milk, all extractions included (optional) (traditionally not used)
2 tbs sesame oil

Very simple ingredients, isn't it? But this curry is so luscious and delectable...


Heat enough oil in a kadai. Add sliced onions and fry until it changes color a little. Add curry leaves and allow to splutter. Add chopped tomatoes with little salt and cook in medium flame until mushy. Add kuzhambu podi with necessary salt and cook in low flame until oil seperates. Add coconut milk and needed water. Give it one vigorous boil. Then cook uncovered in simmer until the curry thickens to the desired level or until oil seperate to the top. 


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