Warm chicken salad

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This is a simple scrumptious chicken salad which can be had for a light lunch or dinner. This can even be taken as a complete meal by itself as it is quite filling too. 

1/2 chicken breast
10-15 cucumber slices
3-4 pitted black kalamata olives (sliced)
8-10 yellow capsicum julienne slices
1 big lettuce leaf (torn to pieces)
Handful of salad greens/ green leaf mix

Chicken marination
Pinch of salt
1/4 ts pepper powder
Pinch of dried Italian herbs

I used store bought Greek dressing which had these following ingredients mentioned in it - olive oil, lemon juice,  vinegar, sugar, salt, garlic, oregano, black pepper and paprika



The chicken can be grilled or baked in an oven. I used the stove top method. Since I don't own a grilling pan, I used my normal pan and it worked fine. 

Add some olive oil in a pan. When it is hot enough, place the chicken and let it get roasted for a minute. Then flip over and let the other side also get roasted for a minute. Then turn down the heat to a simmer. Cover the pan and let the chicken cook in low flame for around 15 minutes flipping the chicken 3-4 times during that interval. Take the chicken aside.

In the same pan, toss the capsicum slices in high heat for few seconds. Take them also aside.

When the cooked chicken is warm enough to touch, cut the chicken breast into two longitudinally. Then cut the two portions into long chicken strips.


Take your necessary plate, bowl or lunch box in which you are going to place your salad. Layer a small bed of lettuce leaves at the bottom. Then place few cucumber slices above them. Next layer the salad greens. Place the rest of the cucumber slices over them. Sprinkle the cut olives randomly. Also disperse in the capsicum. Finally place the chicken pieces over.

You can have the salad warm or cold. If taking it for your lunch, take the salad and dressing in a separate containers. Pour in the dressing only right before you have your salad. Or else the salad may turn soggy.  


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