Rava kesari

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Any time of the day, any occasion; rava kesari is one evergreen sweet loved by all.

1/2 cup rava
1 cup sugar
1.5 cups water
3-4 tbs ghee
Few cashew nuts
1/4 ts cardamon powder
Pinch of kesari powder


- Heat 1 ts of oil in a kadai. Fry cashew nuts until golden brown. Keep them aside.
- Add 1 tbs more ghee in the same kadai. Add rava and fry them in a medium flame until they get roasted well and turn fragnant. Take them out in a bowl.
- In the same kadai add 1.5 cups water and bring to a boil. Add rava and kesari powder. Cook rava in a low to medium flame until it gets cooked completely.
- Now add sugar (Add sugar only after the rava is completely cooked). Wait till the sugar melts completely. Add 1 tbs ghee. Cook in a low flame until everything combines together well. 
- Now add the remaining ghee and cardamon powder. Continue cooking until it has reached kesari/ halwa consistency (Right consistency is at the point when the kesari collects together leaving the sides of the kadai. It should look glossy. When a little kesari is taken with a spatula and slided, it should glide down smoothly. When a small bit of it is taken and pressed, it shouldn't be mushy or stick to your fingers.)
- Garnish them with fried cashew nuts.
- Some prefer to set the kesari in a plate and cut into diamond shapes. Some prefer to scoop them as such into small bowls. However it is served, this kesari is sure to impress your family/ guests and they'll be all delighted and enjoy every spoonful of this sweet.


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