Losto (Sourashtra mint pickle)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 1 comments
Losto is a very famous Sourashtra mint pickle. It is a remarkably very simple preparation with very less ingredients but its taste is just amazing. It has a fiery taste with spiciness from red chillies, tanginess from the tamarind and flavor from mint gives the immense kick. It surely is of a chatpata kind. It goes best with curd rice and also with Sourashtra kenni paes.

1 bunch mint leaves
1 lemon sized tamarind ball
8-10 red chillies
3-4 tbs sesame oil
1 ts mustard seeds
1 ts salt (approx)


- Pluck the leaves of mint. Put them in a colander and wash them in running water. Allow them to air dry for a while.
- Meanwhile grind red chillies in a mixer without any water. Then add the tamarind ball and grind them along, first without any water, then add water little by little  until red chillies and tamarind get ground into a very smooth paste. Now add the mint leaves little by little and add water as needed and grind them all together into a very smooth paste. Then add the required salt. Losto needs extra salt as this kind of a pickle.
- In a kadai add sesame oil. Once they turn hot add mustard seed and allow them to crackle. Next add the ground mint paste. Cook then in low to medium flame, stirring constantly until the mixture becomes thick and oil seperates from them.


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