Aval payasam | Poha kheer | Flattened rice flakes pudding

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Aval payasam is simple to make but extremely creamy and flavourful. Aval is Lord Krishna's favourite and this payasam is usually prepared for Janmasthami/ Krishna Jayanthi/ Gokulashtami. This payasam is also loved my many and prepared on most festive days as an offering to God. 

1/2 cup aval/ poha/ rice flakes
2 cups full-cream milk
1/2 cup water
3 jaggery cubes/ 3/4 cup powdered jaggery (enhanced sweetness)
(or) 2 jaggery cubes/ 1/4 powdered jaggery (mildly sweet)
Few broken cashews and raisins
4 cardamom pods (powdered)
1 tbs ghee


In a small saucepan, heat jaggery along with water and boil till it melts. Strain it in another bowl and keep it aside. Let it cool down.

Heat little ghee in a pan. Roast broken cashews and raisins until golden. Take them out in a plate.

In the same pan, add extra ghee if needed. Roast rice flakes in medium flame until it puffs up and turns golden. Take them out in a bowl.

In the same pan, add milk and allow it to boil. Keep stirring in constant intervals so that milk doesn't stick to pan. Add roasted rice flakes. Allow it to boil again. Then cook covered in simmer for around 10 minutes until rice flakes become soft and milk becomes creamy. 

Add cardamom powder, roasted cashews and raisins. Switch off flame.

Add melted jaggery liquid. Give a good mix. Let it sit covered for few minutes. The payasam may thicken after it cools down.

Tastes excellent either warm or cold.


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