Serki bath | Parutti (paal) saadam

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Serki (parutti) bath is a Sourashtrian traditional dish made specially for pregnant women after their 5th month. Mom recently made this for my sister who is in her second trimester and expecting soon :)

This is a rice based dish. The rice is cooked in parutti paal, sweetened with jaggery syrup and flavored with cardamom. The preparation and taste of this dish is more like sakkarai pongal except that this dish is cooked in parutti paal.

Parutti has a very rich source of vital nutrients. Parutti paal is one novel and a popular drink sold by some roadside vendors. Parutti is also a prominent cow feed and it is said to boost milk production in cows. The parutti used for cow feed and that used for making this rice are of different variety. If you break open the parutti into half it should have an yellowish tinge inside and not be green.

1 cup parutti (soaked overnight)
2 cups rice
1.5 - 2 cups palm jaggery (diluted in 3 cups water)
6-8 cups (extracted parutti paal + normal cows milk)
3-5 cardamom pods (crushed)
Handful of small coconut slices
4tbs ghee


- Soak parutti in enough water overnight. The more time it is soaked, the better.
- Grind the soaked parutti in a mixer with some water and extract milk out of them by squeezing them in a thin cloth or using a filter just like coconut milk extraction. If needed you may take second and third extractions out of it. Combine all extractions together in a jug.
- To 2 cups rice add around 6-8 cups (parutti paal+milk) and pressure cook for around two whistles and allow the air to subside by itself.
- Meanwhile dilute palm jaggery in enough water. Add cardamom pods and allow its essence to get into the jaggery liquid. Then filter the liquid to remove any impurities and the cardamom pods.
- To the cooked mashed rice add the jaggery liquid and give a good mix. If needed you may add more parutti paal or normal milk to dilute it.
- Add 2 tbs ghee and few coconut pieces. Mix well and cook in low to medium until everything collects together well. If needed add more ghee to make it look glossy.
- Finally fry some broken cashews in ghee and top it over the rice. 


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