Green capsicum chutney | Green chutney ( w capsicum, mint, coriander)

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Healthy chutney with green capsicum. There's always last few pieces of capsicum lying unused in the refrigerator or going to trash. Using them in chutney like this is a smart way to reduce food waste. Other vegetables ( carrot, cabbage, brinjal, ridge gourd...even spinach) which your kids or family never prefer to consume stand-alone can also be sneaked into chutney like this. It also takes out the rut of the usual onion - tomato chutney fare.

Green capsicum along with mint and coriander leaves makes a lip smacking flavourful chutney. My son called it the Green Chutney, and I found the name very apt given the high green quotient in it! 

1 tbs chana dal
2 green chillies, 1 red chilli
2 garlic cloves
Small piece of tamarind
Generous sprinkle of hing
1/2 green capsicum
2 sprigs of mint leaves
6 sprigs of coriander leaves
Oil and salt as needed

For tempering
1 ts sesame oil
3/4 ts mustard seed, 1/4 ts urad dal
Few curry leaves


Heat oil in a kadai and roast chana dal until it slightly changes colour. Quickly toss in broken green chilli, red chilli and garlic cloves. Add roughly chopped capsicum with needed salt for the chutney. Cook until capsicum turns soft. Mix in roughly chopped mint leaves and coriander leaves. Also add in tamarind piece and hing. Toss for a minute. Switch off stove and let them cool down.

Grind the above to a smooth thick consistency.

Prepare the tempering with mustard seed, urad dal and curry leaves. Add to the chutney. 


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