Sourashtra thakkali chutney

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Sourashtrian traditional way of making the quintessential thakkali chutney. Should be made in most homes twice or thrice a week as an accompaniment for idli/ dosa.

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1 tbs chana dal ( toor dal may also be used)
6-8 shallots / 1 big sized onion
2 large sized tomato
2 red chillies, 1 green chilli
3 garlic pods / 1 very small piece ginger (optional) (use either one but not both)
1/2 ts hing
1 tbs oil
Salt as per need

For tempering
1 ts mustard seed
1/2 ts urad dal
Few curry leaves
1 tbs sesame oil


- Heat enough oil in a kadai. Fry chana dal until they change color a little. Add red chillies and green chilli. Sauté for a minute. Remove the chana dal and chillies onto a plate.
- With the remaining oil in the same kadai fry onions until they turn translucent. Add crushed garlic pods/ ginger and stir for a while. Add the chopped tomatoes with needed salt. Cook in low to medium flame until tomatoes wilt down and become mushy. Switch off stove and add hing. 
- First grind the chana dal and chillies to a very smooth paste with needed water. Then add the onion tomato mixture and grind everything to a very smooth chutney with needed water.  
- Clean and wipe the kadai dry. Add little sesame oil. Add mustard seeds and urad dal and allow them to splutter. Add torn curry leaves and let them sizzle a bit. Then add the ground chutney. Sourashtrians prefer to have this chutney in a semi thin consistency. So add 1-2 cups of water as per need and adjust salt as necessary. Give it just one rolling boil. Switch off stove. Take out in a serving container. 


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