Homemade potato chips

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Once you know how to make your own homemade potato chips, you'll never resort to the store bought ones. Homemade chips are thin, crispy, melt-in-mouth-delicious and addictive. And it is not difficult to make as you might think. Once you get to learn the nitty- gritty by few trials, the further ones can be made with such an ease. 

My mom used to make these in a big batch once in few days and it was a childhood delight for us. Some of them will be munched by us immediately after frying hot-hot and the rest stored in big box will be emptied in no less than two days. So beware...prepare these when your kids or family are not at home :) and store them in an unseen place in the kitchen cabinet :) and give few to your kids when asked. Smarter kids may still find out where you've hidden them and munch them silently when you are napping or away from home :) let them...once in a while. That's the joy in making these goodies.

It is necessary to use the right kind of potato for making chips. The potatoes which have a dark brown skin and have a muddy texture outside are ideal for making chips. Here in my city, I get golden delight potatoes which are apt for making these Indian styled chips. One more tip - when you intend to use the potatoes for chips, do not store them in the refrigerator after it's purchase. Use them the day you've bought them or else keep them outside until use. Keeping in refrigerator will increase its water content, result in uneven frying of chips and also make them soggy instead of crispy.


Peel the skin of potatoes with a peeler.

Slice them thick or thin with a mandolin peeler. Slice them in an uniform shape for a good look (the chips in my pic are not sliced that uniform though). 

Place the sliced potatoes in a colander. Wash them well in running water 2-3 times to remove most of its starch. The initial washed liquid will be thick white starchy liquid. Further ones will remain clear.

Spread the washed potatoes in a cloth for 5-10 minutes to remove its excess liquid. If it is spread for more time, discoloration may happen.

Heat enough oil on a medium heat. Take few potato slices, disperse them evenly in oil and fry them in batches.

Take the fried potatoes in a bowl. Immediately after frying it may look little soggy. Allow them to cool to get it crisp.

Prepare red chilli powder/ pepper powder salt mixture. Sprinkle evenly over the cooled chips, toss them gently and store them in air tight container.


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